Highlights and Action Items from recent Board of Directors meeting:

Minutes approved:  November 17, 2016 (October Board meeting minutes)

Absent:  Sandy Huffman, Jennifer Shields and Ed Davis.  All other members present. 

New Members approved were Vicky Harrison with Old Dominion Realty; Domenic Zaccaria with Zaccaria Realty and Kaitlin Burnett with Open House Realty.

Community Service is moving ahead with the Accessible Playground Equipment and will have more information next meeting.  Hopefully, it will be kicked off for the winter.

Three members  attended the Dickie Bell fundraiser.

Natalie and Delene attended the CRS demo at CAAR and Bettie will follow up on having a demo here at GAAR.

The Veterans Day ads will be run again this year.

The Budget was approved except for Employee items.

A called meeting was held on October 28 to approve the final budget.