Highlights and Action Items from recent Board of Directors meeting:

Minutes approved:  September 15, 2016 (August Board meeting minutes)

Minnie Stevenson and Alan Stamp absent.  All other members present. 

New Members approved were Mark Swecker with United Country; Jennifer Hinegardner with Kline & Company; Shannon DeWitt with Kline & Company; Nicholas Burks with Westhills; Elizabeth Baber with Kline May; Ben Yoder with Decker Realty; Sharon Wood with Old Dominion and Melissa Sheets with Kline May.

Still working with News Leader on a RETS feed.

Community Service is going to start a project to provide a handicap area at the west end of Gypsy Hill Park.

Slate presented by the Nominating Committee was approved.

Proposed change to Bylaws to utilize Option 2 under the Section for Membership was approved and will be voted on by the membership at the annual meeting.

The Board will have a function in January for the Anniversary celebration of the Charter, MLS and the Board.