Highlights and Action Items from recent Board of Directors meeting:

Minutes approved:  November 19, 2015 (October Board meeting minutes)

Absent:  Sandy Huffman and Natalie Campbell, all others present. 

New Members approved were John Burnett with Open House Realty, Trish Becker with Lacey Real Estate Group and Will Hammer with Long and Foster.

Community Service dinner was the best ever, raising $5,000 for the two charities.

Board is continuing with upkeep to the property with carpet cleaning and repair and sealing to the driveway in the next week.  Letter will be sent to the property owner adjacent to the lot concerning removal of the walnut tree.

Board is sending legislative issue to VAR for 2016 package for DPOR to allow for reduced CE in the case of illness or crisis.

Financial report review was discussed and filed as required by Core Standards.

MLS Waiver was approved for Phillip Lacey, on active Guard duty.

2016 Budget was reviewed and approved.

Board approved extending our current Zillow agreement until January, 2016.