Highlights and Action Items from recent Board of Directors meeting:

Minutes approved:  June, 2017 (May Board meeting minutes)

Absent:  Beverly Stermer.   All other members present. Plans for the

Mystery Dinner for Community Service will be Sept 21 at Barren Ridge. Plans are moving forward with the ADA Approved playground equipment area for Gypsy Hill Park.

Legislative reported that Alan Stamp, Delene Adams and Sandy Huffman attend the DC meetings and he encouraged everyone to attend in the future.

Delene reported the Focus Groups were a success and they would be reporting to the MLS Committee suggestions and concerns coming from those meetings.

Joe Young will be installing the new coded door lock on the GAAR back door and we will be getting estimates to replace the regular lights with LED.

New Member was Jennifer Elliott with Kline & Company.

Sarah's replacement has been hired, Heather Link and she will start June 1st.